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Funkmob 420

Review 01/16/99 From: PFUNK53

Tramps featured The 420 Funk Mob as the opening act to Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers last night. The 420 Funk Mob is exactly what I have been looking for in a P Funk Show. I love the All Stars don't get me wrong, but 420 played the songs that I have been waiting to hear for quite sometime. They actually played songs that I thought I may never hear in concert. Kicking off the show with Clone Communicado and then going into Nothing Before Me but Thang was mind blowing. Trash A Go Go was followed by Quazar's Funkin' with A Bigfoot. Adolescent Funk and Let's Take It To The People were the next set of classic classics. Naked, Let's Take It To The Stage, and Better by The Pound followed. Due to time constraints Red Hot Momma was the last song. We were finally able to here the entire songs. Not just little snippets of these songs that are included in The All Stars patented 20 minute jams. These were the songs in their entirety. Of course us Funkateers on the East coast, especially here in NYC, are treated to what seems to be monthly P Funk related gigs. I am just happy that we get to hear more of what is certainly the greatest catalog in music history. I hope this 420 thing gets off the ground and gets to play more shows in more cities. I am also eagerly awaiting The Royal First Family of Funk. I heard how great the DC concert was, and I hope that it makes its way up the coast. Below are the musicians that comprise The 420 Funk Mob. Mike Hampton Boogie Mosson Clip Payne Lige Curry Greg Fitz Gabe Gonzalez Stozo Da Klown I am sorry that I had to leave the show during the Chuck Brown set. I had to be at work early and just stayed to hear Greg Boyer blow his horn for a little bit. How about staging a Funkstock show. You know, an all day affair. Think of what could be. Woo Warriors Royal First Family Original P 420 Enemy Squad Funk-Kinn Starr Cullars Enterprise I know it is just a dream but it does give me goosebumps just thinking of it.

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